23 January 2021 / Background

Dive into a good story

In addition to IkPas month, January is also lockdown month. A month in which we are more at home than ever. That takes a while to switch, but also brings advantages. This period is pre-eminently…
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January 22, 2021 / Background

Zooming with Rob Bovens

Are you interested in (even) more knowledge about alcohol? Rob Bovens, senior researcher at Tilburg University and co-initiator of IkPas will update you on the themes linked to 'Alcohol…
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January 16, 2021 / Background

Alcohol is not a cure for loneliness

Loneliness is no longer something that only occurs in the elderly in nursing homes. Loneliness affects young and old, male and female, highly and poorly educated. During the corona crisis, this theme is more alive…
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