'Also Soberen' with Druk and other films

Have you bombed October into OokSober for yourself this year? Then catching a movie this month is the perfect outing. This way you don't have to turn around or explain why you (temporarily) don't drink alcohol, but you can simply sink into the plush with a coke and a bowl of popcorn to enjoy a nice movie. We have listed a few recommendations for you. With the Danish film in front Busyie: Drunk!

There is a good chance that the subject of 'alcohol' will keep you busy during this period. For example, if you are reading this newsletter, you might think more about the role that alcohol plays in your life or if it is a topic of conversation with your friends. Do you like to immerse yourself in the theme of 'alcohol' and do you want to know how an alcohol experiment in a secondary school gets completely out of hand? Then the Danish film Druk is a must-see!


Druk (Drunk) is a Danish film by director Thomas Vinterberg with actor Mads Mikkelsen in one of the lead roles. The 2020 film won the Oscar for best foreign film. The film opens with images of a secondary school, where four exhausted, befriended teachers struggle through the school year in their own way. When they get together at a birthday dinner and find that each of them has something swing can use, the birthday boy or girl suggests an interesting theory: a Norwegian psychiatrist stated that people naturally have a low alcohol percentage in their blood. A permanent percentage of 0.5% would make us more fun, more productive and more creative. The four friends decide to test this theory by teaching their lessons in a continuous state of intoxication. The scientific experiment initially yields mainly positive results, until dosing becomes increasingly difficult. Of course, the situation cannot but escalate. Druk takes you - also thanks to the great acting of the four protagonists - on a thirsty journey where all highs and lows of alcohol use. With recognizable and funny, but also poignant moments. You sympathize and at times feel the urge for a drink, although that wish gradually dries up on its own. Busy makes you think and leaves a lasting impression.

Don't want to miss Druk? This film can be seen in various cinemas in the Netherlands until October 20.

Would you rather not have a film with an alcohol theme? Other recommendations in October are:

  • No Time to Die – James Bond has traded his life as a secret agent for a quiet life in Jamaica. Then old friend and CIA agent Felix Leiter shows up. He asks James for help in freeing a kidnapped scientist. The mission leads to a mysterious villain armed with deadly new technology. A real job for 007.
  • Love Without Borders – Completely relax with a feel good rom com† Then follow father Ferry, his daughters Eva and Lieke and son Maarten. Although their lives are completely different, they all have one thing in common: each of them is looking for the right one.
  • The Rookie – An accident shatters ambitious motorcyclist Nicky's plans for the future. With the help of sister-in-law Vero and nephew Charlie, Nicky tries to get his life back on track. Meanwhile, he sees the opportunity to realize his dream in coaching Charlie. But Charlie thinks otherwise.
  • Martin Luther King vs. the FBI – Using archival footage, scenes from Hollywood movies and commentary from historians, this documentary tells the baffling story of how the FBI tried to publicly damage King's image from the late 1950s until his assassination in 1968.

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