IkPas is supported throughout the Netherlands by local GGDs, healthcare institutions and addiction prevention. An IkPas coach is active in every region who supports participants during the IkPas period. Click on your region below and read how and by whom IkPas is supported in your region.


The map shows the number of participants and the highlighted municipalities per region. By clicking on a region you can read more about the IkPas campaign in that region. Featured municipalities actively participate in the IkPas campaign, are explicitly mentioned on the map and have their own IkPas municipality page. Would you like to know more about how you can also activate IkPas in your municipality? Then read further below the card.

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As a municipality, alcohol is high on the political agenda. But approach and approach remain a challenge. IkPas offers your municipality the opportunity to stimulate your residents to become aware of their alcohol consumption in a stimulating way.

If you as a municipality want to make a statement with IkPas, we offer you plenty of space on our website. You get your own place on both map as a regional page and your own municipality page, in which you explain what your municipality is doing to encourage responsible use of alcohol.

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These municipalities participate in IkPas:

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