North and East Gelderland

In the North and East Gelderland region, 84% of the adults drinks alcohol, 10% is a 'heavy drinker' and 30% of the adults does not meet the standard for alcohol consumption ( > figures).

So many people drink alcohol. At parties, after exercise, during dinner, after work or before going to sleep. Often for fun, but sometimes also because of stress or loneliness. Or because it is thought that one or two glasses a day is good for health.

Drinking alcohol also has disadvantages:

  • Alcohol makes you sleep less well;
  • The effect of medicines can be reduced or strengthened by alcohol;
  • Alcohol increases the risk of many cancers, such as breast cancer, mouth and throat cancer and colon cancer. Even one glass a day increases this chance;
  • Alcohol contains a lot of calories and makes you feel hungry, which makes you gain weight.
  • That should be:

    Join IkPas from January 1 (30 days) or February 26 (40 days) and experience what an alcohol break does to you!



GGD Noord- en Oost-Gelderland, Tactus and Iriszorg support the action in our region. We make the IkPas campaign known to the public, municipalities, general practitioners, libraries, residential care centers and pharmacies, among others. TV Gelderland also made a broadcast about IkPas for people over 55. IkPas coaches are also active at Tactus and Iriszorg, who can help you with tips if things don't work out. They can be reached via your personal dashboard on the IkPas website.

The benefits of IkPas

National research shows that participating in IkPas has many advantages. Not only does it save money, but many people also feel fitter and sleep better. Some people even lose weight.

Are you up for the challenge?




gender ratio

man 11
Female 30
Other 0

Average number of days



18 - 25 years 0
26 - 35 years 3
36 - 45 years 4
46 - 55 years 9
56 - 65 years 16
66 - 75 years 8
76 - 85 years 1
86 - 95 years 0
96 - 100 years 0
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