put your
alcohol consumption
on pause

Participate in our monthly challenges, such as 'Ooksober' in October (you can register until 4 October). Or start your own challenge today.

In 2022, we have already 34612 people registered for IkPas

More than 200,000 people in total have already participated in IkPas

Have you unknowingly developed a pattern of drinking alcohol almost every day? Want to see what happens when you break that habit? Then IkPas is for you!

IkPas is taking on a challenge with yourself. You don't drink alcohol for a month to see what it does to you. You become more aware of the choice you can make whether or not to drink, you break through your entrenched patterns and alcohol is no longer a matter of course.

But those are not the only effects of participating with IkPas. Many participants also experience physical benefits. For example, 62% feels physically fitter, 55% sleeps better and 32% loses weight. Sounds good right? That's not all, there are even more benefits you can check out here.

IkPas helps you with your challenge. You can contact us for questions, tips, articles, recipes, badges that you can earn with challenges; everything to complete your challenge!

We do not ask you to never drink alcohol again, but to put your alcohol consumption on a break.

Join IkPas!

Why participate in IkPas?
This is what you get!

is mentally fitter

In addition to physically, you also benefit mentally from not drinking alcohol. 62% of the participants experience this.

better say no

Not drinking alcohol also takes getting used to for your environment, you will have to be steadfast in refusing a round. 64% is better off saying 'no' to alcohol after the action. They don't necessarily have to be the Bob for that!

lose weight

32% of the participants lost weight after the IkPas promotion! An important reason for many participants to drink less alcohol after IkPas.


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With or without blurring?

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Midwife speaking

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