As a municipality, alcohol is high on the political agenda. But approach and approach remain a challenge. IkPas offers your municipality the opportunity to stimulate your residents to become aware of their alcohol consumption in a stimulating way.

We have developed the IkPas municipal package especially for municipalities. The purpose of the package is twofold: to organize an internal IkPas break period and to publicize what you do as a municipality to encourage responsible use of alcohol.


With the municipal package you get all the space on our website. You get your own page on the IkPas website that supports the dual function. You also get a place on our map, so that you can quickly see that you as a municipality have implemented IkPas and a logo on our website.


In the context of 'following a good example', we offer you in this package everything you need to roll out IkPas within your municipal organization. Administrators and civil servants can show that temporarily suspending alcohol consumption is a very good and healthy idea. Create your own IkPas campaign posters with the help of our online poster generator and hang them up in your municipality, hand out wristbands to participating civil servants and organize an internal campaign using the IkPas toolkit.

Basispakket voor gemeenten
Minimale tools voor activatie

This package consists of:

Own page on IkPas website
Logo on IkPas website
Mention on the map
Online mediagenerator
Toolkit access

These municipalities also participate in IkPas:

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