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Habit patterns can be helpful, but they can also be deceptive. Sometimes they unconsciously play a role in your life, so that you actually no longer know what the influence of this habit is on your health. Many people have unconsciously adopted a pattern in which it is natural to drink one or more glasses of alcohol almost daily.


The goal of IkPas is to create awareness about whether or not to drink. To find out what alcohol does to your health, we jointly put our alcohol consumption on pause for 30 or 40 days. So we don't ask you to stop drinking alcohol, but to take a break. In addition to awareness, many IkPas participants also experience positive physical changes: they feel fitter and sharper, sleep better, lose weight and have better skin. IkPas is an initiative of the Positive Lifestyle Foundation and is financially made possible by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.


You can take a break all year round. Create your own challenge or participate in one of the many planned challenges, such as Dry January or the 40 days no drop challenge. Dry January runs from January 1 to January 30. The 40 Day Challenge runs from Ash Wednesday through the Sunday before Easter, during the traditional Lent period between Carnival and Easter. Later in the year, various challenges are planned, which you can participate in within a few mouse clicks. Everyone is free to choose which break period suits them best.

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Together with the rest of the Netherlands, you put your alcohol consumption on a break. So you are never alone. Do you want to participate with your family, football club, group of friends, department or the entire company? Then create a team. Because you take a break together.

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IkPas is een paraplucampagne. Dat wil zeggen dat veel organisaties aanhaken bij het organiseren van deze actie. Allereerst doen alle 26 GGD’s en 10 verslavingszorginstellingen in Nederland mee. Daarnaast is het KNOV een samenwerkingspartner als het gaat om het organiseren van IkPas voor Zwangeren en hun omgeving. Ook is er een internationale samenwerking met Alcohol Change UK, omdat IkPas de Nederlandse variant is van Dry January.

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