Temporarily suspend your alcohol consumption for thirty or forty days. That is the idea of the national IkPas campaign. Maybe you already participated last year, otherwise now is your chance! But why should you participate? “IkPas is a challenge for yourself, to see what a month without alcohol does to you.” Do you actually know how much alcohol you drink in an average week?

You probably don't think about your own drinking very often. IkPas is therefore intended as a way to become aware of your consumption pattern. In addition to that bit of awareness, it also brings positive physical change: last year's participants felt fitter and sharper, slept better, lost weight and had better skin. There are several reasons to participate. For example, breaking a habit and setting a good example for the youth. But it is also positive in the long term: drinking alcohol for a month also means that you will drink less afterwards. And that in turn lowers the risk of all kinds of chronic diseases.



Social Effects

Even more important than the individual effects are the social effects of IkPas. It is a way to start a conversation with those around you about alcohol. Isn't it strange that the standard at parties is to drink alcohol? And if you, as a woman, stop drinking alcohol for once, people will quickly assume that you are pregnant.

IkPass in the region

Local ambassadors in the region are committed to getting as many people as possible to participate in IkPas. They are the face of the campaign.

Are you up for the challenge? Sign up today!

Choose the IkPas challenge of 30 days without alcohol in January or take a 40-day break from 6 March and choose whether you want to participate with your colleagues or individually.

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Alle challenges




man 41%
Female 42%
Other 18%

Average number of days



18 - 25 years 11%
26 - 35 years 0%
36 - 45 years 10%
46 - 55 years 23%
56 - 65 years 43%
66 - 75 years 13%
76 - 85 years 0%
86 - 95 years 0%
96 - 100 years 0%
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