Addiction Care North Netherlands (VNN), together with GGD Groningen, GGD Drenthe and GGD Fryslân, is committed to the regional promotion of IkPas. We focus on institutions, municipalities and companies, and of course also on our own colleagues. Because IkPas is for everyone!

From an unconscious habit to a conscious choice

Drinking alcohol is sometimes a matter of course or a fixed pattern. This challenge makes you aware of the role of alcohol in your life. Many people drink alcohol. At parties and birthdays, but also before or during dinner, as a nightcap or at a Friday afternoon drink. We are not always aware of the habit of drinking alcohol on more and more occasions. How many days pass without alcohol?

After participating in IkPas, people make more conscious choices about whether or not to drink alcohol. Breaking the habitual behavior leads to a healthier lifestyle. Participants from previous years felt fitter, slept better or lost weight during IkPas. In the short term they also started drinking less (frequently) and absenteeism due to illness decreased. In addition, it was found that 6 months after participating, participants still drank less alcohol than before their participation.

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In addition to providing assistance, VNN is committed to preventing problems caused by substance use. By deploying structural prevention activities, we draw broad attention to this subject. VNN organizes training courses for professionals, such as on recognizing alcohol and drug use and motivational interviewing. Courses are also organized for parents, such as the Help, my child! In addition, we advise municipalities, institutions and companies on identifying and discussing problems associated with substance use.


The motto of GGD Groningen is 'Working together on health'. About 450 GGD professionals work on the health, well-being and safety of all residents of the province of Groningen on a daily basis. We do this on behalf of all Groningen municipalities. Prevention and positive health are important points of attention.


Alle challenges




man 31%
Female 69%

Average number of days



18 - 25 years 0%
26 - 35 years 6%
36 - 45 years 9%
46 - 55 years 25%
56 - 65 years 47%
66 - 75 years 10%
76 - 85 years 0%
86 - 95 years 0%
96 - 100 years 3%
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