Addiction Care Northern Netherlands (VNN), together with GGD Groningen, GGD Drenthe and GGD Fryslân, is committed to the regional promotion of IkPas. We focus on our own target groups, on institutions, municipalities and companies, and of course also on our own colleagues, because: IkPas is for everyone! Not drinking for a month provides health benefits for everyone. We now know better and better what the harmful effects of alcohol are.

Many people have subconsciously adopted a pattern where it goes without saying that they drink almost every day. It happens almost without thinking: before dinner, during dinner, before going to sleep, after conferences, at Friday afternoon drinks, in front of the TV at the football and so on. And at many of those moments it is not considered pleasant if you do not join in the drink.
IkPas is a positive action to make people aware of their alcohol use.
By not drinking alcohol for a month, you become more aware of your drinking pattern and you give yourself the chance to break established patterns. You will experience that you have a choice when it comes to consuming alcohol. In short: you have a choice when it comes to positively influencing your health.

Take on the challenge and join us! We fit, do you?

GGD Fryslân and VNN

GGD Fryslân is the health service of the Frisian municipalities. The GGD works to promote health and prevent health problems among Frisian citizens.
Just over four in five Frisians drank alcohol in the past year. About one in five Frisians drink alcohol excessively. Almost one in ten Frisians is a heavy drinker. Twice as many men as women are heavy drinkers. Most heavy drinkers are in the age category 19 to 34 years (Source: GGD Fryslân, Health Monitor 2016).

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In addition to providing assistance, VNN is committed to preventing addiction problems through continuous prevention activities. We provide information at schools, to parents and young people; but also individually at one of our locations. We advise municipalities, institutions and companies on, for example, identifying and discussing addiction problems.




gender ratio

man 5
Female 18
Other 0

Average number of days



18 - 25 years 1
26 - 35 years 3
36 - 45 years 3
46 - 55 years 5
56 - 65 years 10
66 - 75 years 1
76 - 85 years 0
86 - 95 years 0
96 - 100 years 0
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