25 Feb 2021 / Background

A drink for the nerves

Are you nervous? Do you feel slight tension? Do you experience stress? Then a good drink might help. Or not? Read here 5 tips to relieve your nerves, nervousness…
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24 Feb 2021 / Background

Cleaning and cycling

If I don't drink for a while, I usually get a huge cleanup and cleaning rage. Or maybe it's the other way around: if I drink regularly, I let things slip,…
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19 Feb 2021 / Background

Even more break benefits

As promised, here are five more benefits of temporarily stopping drinking. From leading by example to saving money, the benefits of taking a break extend beyond your health. One…
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14 Feb 2021 / Background

25 Alcohol Facts

The oldest recipe in the world is a recipe for making beer. Alcohol does not destroy brain cells. A glass of beer contains about as much alcohol as a glass of wine. The drinking…
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