How do you stop drinking alcohol in time?

23 Oct 2021 / Topical / Background

It's party time and you're having a drink. What fun. It gets later and later and one after the other switches to a soft drink. Because yes, up early tomorrow or not in the mood for a hangover. You go on unperturbed. You're not going to stop now that it's so cozy, are you? But that would be better. How do you stop drinking alcohol in time?

From sober to tipsy and from tipsy to drunk is basically done in no time. Put a group of nice people together and you will quickly see results when alcohol is involved. Some people are given the opportunity to consciously and consciously stop drinking alcohol during such an evening. Another loses himself in the atmosphere and goes just, or far over the border. What you can do to get you on the brakes in time is the following.

  1. Make clear agreements with yourself. Decide how much you want to drink, what you want to drink and if it helps: when you can order the next drink. Also decide what time you will stop drinking.
  2. Is a good friend coming with you? Tell him or her that you really want to stick to 1/2/3 drinks. And whether he/she wants to help you with that. A look, a stop sign, a poke: a small gesture can help you to realize that now is the time to stop.
  3. Keep the pace slow. Drink less than 1 glass per hour. It takes your body about an hour to process a drink.
  4. Enjoy what you drink. Don't knock it back. Not even if you are very thirsty, for example during the 'third half' after you exercise. Then drink a non-alcoholic thirst quencher first.
  5. As for that pace, drink from a glass rather than straight from the bottle. You usually take larger sips from a bottle than from a glass.



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