With these tips, reducing is not difficult

16 Oct 2021 / Topical / Background

You pause. A time-out in which you think about the role that alcohol can play in your life. But that pause is not infinite. How will you ensure that you remain aware of your alcohol consumption? The less you actually?

Most IkPas participants take a break because they want to consciously think about their alcohol consumption. With the aim that you may eventually drink less alcohol chronically. And that you are more 'in control' about when, with whom and how much alcohol you drink… A pause period is clear. You do not drink alcohol during this period. But one day you will be allowed to drink again. After all, you haven't touched alcohol for a long time.

Often you don't want to go back to 'then'. Those 2, 3, 4 glasses or that bottle a day is too much of a good thing. Reducing is difficult for many people. Alcohol provides instant pleasure. It makes you happy, it takes the edge off your sadness/anger/frustration or your fatigue disappears like snow in the sun. There is little left of these 'advantages' if you add up all the disadvantages. Less is the motto. But how do you 'reduce' that? Read our tips here.

Tip 1 Rather not drink a few days a week than 1 glass a day

The Health Council advises to stick to 1 glass of alcohol per day. But if you're the '1-is-none' type, this principle won't work for you. It is better not to drink a few days a week. That's pretty clear. Store your stock well on these days, so that you are not tempted to pour a glass or open a beer. It might also be better not to plan outings on these alcohol-free days with people you normally drink alcohol with.

Tip 2 Fill your stomach with food

The 5 is in the clock so 'plop'… Yes, you may have done it that way before. Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon that 'pull' starts. You feel like something with a kick and a bite. A glass of alcohol is easily taken. You may also just be hungry. Grab something to eat. Tip: eat some nuts; healthy and filling. Or take something salty. Tip: a stock cube in boiling water will also give you a boost.

Tip 3 Don't get a large amount of alcohol at home

Stocking up at the local supermarket or liquor store isn't such a good idea if you want to moderate with alcohol. Don't take more than you actually drink. You can also use this principle for candy, chips and chocolate.


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