IkPas and KNOV join forces

And develop digital tool for pregnant women

1 in 20 women drinks alcohol during pregnancy. The social pressure to drink, to a greater or lesser extent, is great. From 1 December, pregnant women and their next of kin can register for the digital tool 'My sober baby', in which they pause their alcohol consumption during the entire pregnancy.

Both pregnant women and those close to them can register to participate in 'My sober baby' from 1 December. This digital tool is aimed at supporting pregnant women and their loved ones during their alcohol break during pregnancy. A pregnant woman feels extra supported if the environment, such as the partner, also takes an alcohol break.

'My sober baby' is an initiative of IkPas / Positive Lifestyle Foundation and the KNOV / Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives.

Bimonthly Newsletters

This support from IkPas and KNOV means that pregnant women receive a newsletter twice a month. In this, accessible information is shared about the themes of alcohol and pregnancy. The pregnant woman can also visit a special pregnancy forum and she can use the diary function. Writing down your experiences and feelings works very well for some. You decide whether you want to make your writings public or not.

Are you pregnant or do you want to support a pregnant woman during her alcohol break? You can register for the 'My sober baby' tool from 1 December as



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