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My sober baby helps you, your partner and those around you in a positive way to avoid alcohol during your pregnancy. After registration, we will send you and your supporters a digital newsletter twice a month with information about alcohol and pregnancy, tasty recipes from a food blogger, tips from other pregnant women, a blog from a midwife and more. Register quickly!

You are pregnant, congratulations!

During your pregnancy there is a lot Bee looking to live healthy. En to to give your baby a healthy start. The ddrinking alcohol during pregnancy is bad for your baby. It can get stunted. He or she will never catch up with that in his or her later life!

Alcohol can also damage the organs and the brain. As a result, your child canyou become disabled. Through 9 months all alcohol to let stand, your baby is more likely to develop properly in your tummy.

From research turns out Which the leave of alcohol is often difficult. That comes by means ofthat the people around you often (continue to) drink. you vobstetriciane helps you happy to live a healthy life during your pregnancy. That's why hebben the KNOV (the association of midwives) and I pass specially My sober baby set up.

You will benefit from these benefits if you participate:

  • Your partner, family and friends can also participate. Cosy together! And good for you that you are not alone.
  • This way you can support each other during the difficult moments.
  • You can read the experiences of a midwife in her blog
  • Others pregnant women share their experiences. What do they experience and what do they find difficult, for example? Perhaps recognizable for youyourself.
  • Information about the benefits of not drinking alcohol. Advantages for youyourself and especially for you baby. Because what can actually happen to your baby if you drink alcohol anyway?
  • get gratis recipes for drinks and dishes without alcohol.
  • And much more …

My sober baby is a project in collaboration with:

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Materials for (future) parents

Free online course Alcohol-free Pregnant
This course contains information and tips for all pregnant women who want to know more about alcohol during pregnancy.
This website contains accessible information about alcohol for the general public with special information about pregnancy.

The Midwife about stopping alcohol when you want to have children
The website provides information about stopping alcohol if you want to become pregnant.

The Midwife's website about an alcohol- and smoke-free pregnancy
This page contains information about stopping alcohol when you are pregnant.



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