Alcohol & breastfeeding

Alcohol & breastfeeding

The first consciously chooses to breastfeed, the second prefers bottle feeding and the third lets it depend on the moment. Whatever it is going to be, you do what makes you feel good and what works. For those who have decided to breastfeed their baby, we have a piece of advice: extend the 'alcohol break' of the past few months. It is better not to drink alcohol if you are breastfeeding.

Why drinking alcohol is not a good idea? Because when you drink the alcohol also ends up in the breast milk. Suppose you feed your baby in an hour. And now you decide to drink another glass of wine. Then your baby will also drink alcohol a little later. This is harmful to the baby as the brain is developing.

Another disadvantage of drinking alcohol during your breastfeeding period is that breastfeeding starts less well if you drink alcohol. Your baby will therefore receive less food. The baby's sleep rhythm is also disturbed by alcohol. It is therefore important that a baby does not ingest alcohol through breastfeeding.

Wait three hours per glass
It is recommended not to drink alcohol during breastfeeding. Would you still like to drink alcohol? For every glass you drink, you should wait three hours before breastfeeding. So: drinking two glasses means waiting six hours. And three glasses is a nine-hour wait. If you stick to these times, your body has broken down the alcohol again. Your child will then not consume any alcohol. Do you express the milk during this period? Then you can no longer use it. Source:



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