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On the website of the Nutrition center you will find a lot of tips and inspiration about being pregnant and eating healthy. Tip from us: also watch the videos in which questions about pregnancy & food are answered. 

How do you eat healthy when you are pregnant? What do you need to know when it comes to iodine, calcium and iron? What do you do well when it comes to eating fish? And which supplements are recommended to eat during your pregnancy?

All good questions you can ask by visiting the website of the Nutrition center gets an answer. These answers are presented to you in the form of blogs. But if you prefer to watch than read, you can choose to watch the videos. Handy, right?

If you're in need of cooking inspiration, check out the daily menus for pregnant women. From breakfast to snack to lunch and dinner: all menus are more than complete. Of course, a vegetarian lifestyle is also taken into account.

Also useful is thefrequently asked questionnaire'. Here you will find answers to the most diverse questions. For example, consider questions such as:I am pregnant and I feel so tired. What can I eat?Tip: Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and choose whole grain products. Or this question: 'What can I eat for heartburn during pregnancy?Tip: Eat and chew well and rest before and after meals, before getting up.

So do you have questions about a healthy diet before and during your pregnancy? check then a moment.


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