Watch your baby develop in your tummy

In the pregnancy calendar at you follow it weekly. You read and see how the baby is developing. And also what happens to your body per week during pregnancy.

Are you having a good time? Then your baby is often calm. And if you want peace, your baby will move nicely. From week 32 you can really feel the movements. And see too! Then, for example, you suddenly see a moving lump in your stomach.

Your baby has in week 33 already quite a decent size. The chances of it spinning are getting smaller and smaller. He just has (too) little space to turn himself. on you can read more about the different positions in which he can lie.

Week 34your baby is almost ready! He's not growing so fast anymore, he's almost full grown. The kidneys are working, the lungs are about ready and he's losing his downy hair.



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