Watch your baby develop in your tummy

In the pregnancy calendar at you follow it weekly. You read and see how the baby is developing. And also what happens to your body per week during pregnancy.

Week 39Well, the long wait has begun. Or maybe it's been going on for a while. The baby is ready for birth. You still do not need to have made the choice where you want to give birth, at home or in the hospital. If you are really having contractions, you can still make that decision.

Week 40, another week later. You may already be done with it, but the baby can only be born in 2 weeks! Your patience will be tested. A large placenta makes a lot of progesterone. This is a hormone that causes the contractions to take a little longer. But it is the baby that determines when it is born. Then he secretes the stress hormone cortisol. It comes to you through the placenta. The contractions start and the labor is about to begin.

Week 41. Your baby will not notice anything in the first hours of delivery. Only when the contractions get stronger and go faster in succession, does he get less room to move. Then he wakes up. Read on more about what happens to your baby during labour.

Is your baby in week 42 When you are born, all the down hairs and sebum on your baby have disappeared. He is probably also nice and plump, because he has been able to 'eat' well (via the placenta). And did you indeed have to wait until this week to give birth? Then you are still entitled to 10 weeks of maternity leave! Even if you may have been on it for 8 weeks.


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