Have you already been infected with the nesting urge virus?

Rearranging the changing table again and again, adjusting cuddly toys to size, smoothing diapers, vacuuming one more time… almost every pregnant woman has to deal with it: the urge to nest. It often manifests itself in the second half of pregnancy and there is nothing you can do about it. Today we explain to you where that nesting urge comes from.

Tidying up, cleaning and buying more clothes for the baby. It happens to you as a pregnant sometime from month 5. And it peaks in the last months of your pregnancy. We call it nesting and it can be quite compelling. There is no scientific explanation for it. And yet almost every pregnant woman has to deal with it.

primal instinct

The urge to get your house in order before the baby comes can be compared to animals preparing their nests before the family expands. Think of the birds you see tirelessly 'luging around' with twigs, feathers and other stuff to dress their nests with. This has to do with the theory of evolution. As a (future) mother you want to create a safe and clean 'nest' for your baby. It's a survival tactic. A primal instinct that you have to obey.

Nesting urge tips

As nice as it is to be able to go completely 'loose', because something very precious is on the way, you really have to watch out here and there. Read through the following tips to curb your nesting urges.

  1. Leave the painting of the nursery to your partner or someone else. This prevents you from standing between the paint fumes.
  2. Cleaning agents can also be quite harsh. Therefore, always read the package leaflet carefully and put on cleaning gloves just to be safe.
  3. That litter box has to be clean, we get that. But it's better to leave that job to someone else. Cat feces can contain parasites. As a pregnant woman, you should not come into contact with it.
  4. Lifting heavy commodes and carrying chairs is not a good idea. There are plenty of people willing to help you. Put your partner to work. Call your sister. Knock on your brother's door or look sweetly at the neighbor.
  5. The last tip: think about your wallet. Despite everything seeming to be equally important, your baby really doesn't need 30 rompers, 14 pacifiers or 28 stuffed animals. Infinite love, attention and countless kisses are of course allowed.


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