The power of the afternoon nap

The power nap (afternoon nap) is very healthy. For pregnant women, for the elderly, for cyclists, for toddlers, for anyone who wants to give in to it. Because: short power naps lower the stress level and increase productivity. And for pregnant afternoon naps there is another advantage. We will update you.

An afternoon nap therefore has a stress-reducing effect. Because closing your eyes for a moment and leaving for dreamland lowers heart rate and blood pressure. And an afternoon nap that is regularly taken by pregnant women also has the effect of reducing the chance of stunted growth in the unborn baby. Especially that regularity (about 5 to 7 times a week) increases the chance of a heavier baby.

The best time for a power nap

There is indeed an ideal time to take an afternoon nap. That is at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. But if you already feel the urge to close your eyes, that is of course allowed. Above all, listen carefully to your body. And you know it: you're not just doing this for yourself. Your baby's growth will benefit.

How long does an afternoon nap last?

We make a difference between the short and the long powernap. The short power nap lasts about 20 minutes. Just enough to boost your concentration. A long power nap takes about 90 minutes. That's exactly one whole sleep cycle. The advantage of a long power nap is that you wake up really rested and not disoriented.

Sleep well!


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