This is how you build self-control on part II

In the previous section you read that self-control is not an innate gift, it is a skill. So practice a lot. Today you will read the other 3 tips that can increase your self-control. Handy for when you are offered a beer or wine again.

  1. Share your challenge

Tell everyone in your area about your participation in IkPas. Ask family members and close friends to help you, for example by not offering you alcohol. Enlist a good friend who you can call when you're having a hard time and can use a pep talk. Telling everyone about your plans is immediately a big stick: you are going to show them that you can do it!

  1. Think about temptations

In order to achieve your goal and indeed spend your break period 'dry', it is smart to think about the difficult moments beforehand. Deep down you already know exactly when you might be strongly tempted. Once you have these moments in mind, you can make a plan of action. The challenge, of course, is not to avoid the difficult moments, but to experience what happens when you don't drink alcohol. You can prepare yourself mentally for such a difficult moment. For example, make a mental video.

  1. Take a mental break sometimes

Of course you want to let your social life continue as much as possible during your alcohol break, but is the usual evening with friends just a bit too much in terms of temptation? Give yourself a social break every now and then. This way you keep your motivation up and you stay your cheerful self. Good for you, good for the supporters around you. Source:

Do you want more tips on how to keep your social life dry and cozy during your alcohol break? Then read the article: 5 tips for a social life without alcohol.






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