5 tips for a social life without alcohol

A Friday afternoon drink with colleagues, an evening out with friends or a Sunday family gathering; having a busy social schedule often means standing with a glass of alcohol in your hands on a regular basis. But not this month. Is it better to put your social life on the back burner during IkPas? Absolutely not. With these tips you can keep your social agenda up to date and you will be fresh and fruity next to your bed in the morning.

It is the fear of many people who take an alcohol break: won't my social life suddenly become a lot duller? After all, without alcohol as a 'lubricant' you can experience the usual social activities differently. For example, an evening at the pub with your friends is different with a few bottles of spa red on, than with a liter of beer. But is that necessarily wrong? In the articles 'Going to the pub with your friends: part 1' and 'part 2' Have you already read several tips on how to have the most fun night out sober. And because when it comes to socializing, you can never get too many tips, we're sharing a few more here. These tips are not only useful for a night out, but also for other social activities. In fact, some you might keep in it after your break :)

  1. Prepare yourself with the mental video

Of course you can have a pleasant afternoon or evening without alcohol. Still, especially at the beginning of your break period, it is smart to give yourself an extra helping hand. For example, do you have a social activity planned, where you normally always drink alcohol? Then make a mental video† This increases the chance that you will enjoy your outing in a relaxed manner.

  1. Go 'pop' for an hour

As with everything, not drinking alcohol also applies: practice makes perfect. And every time it succeeds, it leaves you wanting more. That is why you want to maximize the chance of success, especially in the beginning. Therefore, on occasions where not drinking alcohol is a challenge, set the bar a little lower. For example, agree with yourself that you will stay for an hour. Then you throw yourself into the social conviviality for an hour. After that, do you find it difficult to keep it cozy without alcohol? Then give yourself permission to go home. This way you get used to relaxing step by step without alcohol.

  1. Plan your exit strategy

This tip is an extension of the previous one. To avoid having to sit out at a meeting or event, make sure you don't depend on anyone for your ride home. For example, check in advance what time the bus or train will go home. Or just go by car, that's always possible now! Let any passengers know in advance that you decide what time your 'taxi' will return. So you are free to leave the party whenever you want.

  1. Organize it yourself

Do colleagues, friends or family want to do something fun and do you prefer not to be tempted to drink alcohol? Then take the lead in organizing the activity yourself. This gives you more control over the location and content of the activity. For example, have a chat in that cozy coffee shop, instead of in your regular pub.

  1. Dare to step up

You will find that most social activities are even more fun without alcohol than you might have expected. But sometimes it just isn't there. Then you notice from everything that you are no longer in the mood. Do not feel burdened to go home at such times. You don't owe anyone an explanation and you certainly don't have to feel guilty about leaving. So put on your brightest smile and tell everyone that you had a great time, but are now going home. Better luck next time. And at least wallow in the thought that your alcohol counter is still at zero. Top!













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