Going to the pub with your friends part II

So you're on the cusp of the most sober night ever. Last time you read about a positive mindset, tasty alternatives and don't let yourself be tempted. Today we'll bring you a few more tips that will ensure that you can enjoy your zero percent alcohol evening one hundred percent.

Bring a supporter

The great thing about a night out with your friends is that you go out with your friends! And there is bound to be a friend among them who would be happy to help you succeed in your intention not to drink. Ask him/her for support in advance. If you have a difficult moment on the evening itself, there is your buddy who will guide you through it with a funny story or good pep talk. Besides the fact that this is a very effective method, it is also nice to discover that your friend is really there for you. Through thick and thin, with and without alcohol.

round of me

Okay, you can only drink so much soda and water and mocktails in one night, so maybe you're not drinking at the same pace as your friends. No point. Important: do you want to continue to share in the fun? Then give a round in time! This spa is red on me boys ; †

Work on your love interest

Have you had a crush on someone for weeks? Now is the time to work on your love interest. Now that you're not drinking, you're sharp, alert, funny, and you can pull out all the stops to make a crushing impression. Also nice: tomorrow you can retrieve every piece of your conversation without any problems. And what could be more attractive to the person who wants to hit you: being approached by a tipsy laller or a fresh fit boy or girl?


Does the craving for a glass of alcohol strike at the umpteenth round? Then think about tomorrow: the day that awaits you fresh and fruity. Just hold on and you will reap the fruits of your steadfastness the next day. While your drinking brothers and sisters are still on one ear, you start the day full of energy and with all the time in the world to exercise, have an extensive breakfast, take a long shower and do all kinds of other relaxing things. It's nice, a day without a hangover. Now a few fit posts on Insta and make sure there are more cool drinks going around in the pub next week!









Comazuipen en bingedrinken

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