Do you also enjoy those fresh mornings?

There are plenty of break benefits. In addition to benefits such as sleeping better, losing weight, saving money and learning to say 'no' better, those crisp mornings are also a great treat. Today we put them in the (morning) sun again.

We previously wrote the article 'Ode to the fresh morning'. And that 'fresh' can be interpreted in different ways. You literally smell fresher from your mouth (alcohol is not good for your morning breath…), you sleep better so you wake up fresher and that fresh morning creates a lot of possibilities. You have more energy and time to start a nice morning routine. Have a quiet breakfast or start the day with a walk, for example. Fine!

And with you there are more people who enjoy a new freshness. Journalist Martin Visser talks about it in an episode of EenVandaag: Do not drink alcohol for a month. Does that make sense? Fun fact: our own Martijn Planken also appears in this fragment.



Eat and drink warm

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