Ode to the fresh morning

We've ended up in the tail end of Dry January and that means you've already had quite a few alcohol-free days. While this may be difficult at times in the evening, you have probably already discovered that the reward lies in the mornings. Because a morning after a day without alcohol is a fresh morning in every way. Time to put the fruity start of the day in the spotlight. With all the benefits of a fresh morning at a glance!

Start the day with a fresh smile!

You may have already smelled this benefit: scrapping your regular nightcap in the evening will give you fresher breath the next morning. How is this? Alcohol works as a diuretic. So your body dries out from drinking alcohol. Having less moisture in your body also leads to less saliva in your mouth. While saliva ensures that the mouth stays clean and bacteria have less chance. Furthermore, alcohol that the body absorbs is transported through the blood. In doing so, alcohol passes through various organs, including your lungs. Alcohol molecules can enter the airways through the alveoli and be exhaled. And to be fair: that doesn't improve the quality of your breath. So pay tribute to this fresh start of the morning. Also on behalf of your bedfellows; ) Source: Jellinek.nl

Fresh head

Alcohol affects the sleep cycle (see 'Sleep well with a fresh head'). Many people who take an alcohol break notice that they sleep better. Better sleep automatically means that you wake up more rested in the morning. There is a good chance that you will notice that when you hear the alarm clock you get out of bed more easily, that you have more energy and that you feel sharper in your head all day long. Logical, because your brain feels super fresh after a great night's sleep.

Time for yourself

During your alcohol break, the chance that you will be in bed too late because you still grab that extra drink is a lot smaller. At the same time, the quality of your sleep improves during the break period. As a result, you may be ready for the day earlier than usual in the morning. You can spend the extra time that such a fresh morning gives you on...... yourself! Use your fresh morning to have a quiet breakfast, read the newspaper, solve that puzzle, exercise or take a walk. Or use your fresh morning to make plans, organize thoughts or make decisions. By making some time for yourself every fresh morning, you create a morning routine that gives you extra energy. And you will reap the benefits of that for the rest of the day!



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