Tips from IkPas participants

Taking a break means, in addition to not drinking alcohol, to explore. Pushing your tasty limits. Where one swears by ginger tea, you can wake the other up for a fresh orange juice with vanilla ice cream. Be inspired by these tips for alternatives from IkPas participants.


1/3 apple juice
2/3 fir red
Little lemon juice or lemon slice
Sprig of mint

Furthermore, Soof's syrups are great with Spa Rood. 0 percent of sugars and additives.


Bottle of Crodino, ice cube, dash of gravy (preferably freshly squeezed) and dilute with Spa Rood. A slice of orange and you have a delicious long drink.


Fresh orange juice with vanilla ice cream.


Half a bottle of Crodino diluted with Spa Red.


The Gimber Pina Colada! Gimber brut, pineapple juice, coconut milk, fresh lime juice, cane sugar syrup, mint top and ice. Delicious!


My favorite drink are Gimber and Crodino.
Crodino Mocktail
1 bottle of Crodino
Tangerine juice
Lots of ice cubes
I drink radler 0.0 and I really like it as an alternative.
As an alternative I drink Batu, fermented tea. Wonderfully refreshing. It comes in a nice bottle and you have the feeling that you are drinking something really special. I only drink it on weekends. And a 0.0 beer always works well too. I am a wine drinker, but I don't like 0.0 wine.
Nowadays I often drink Crodino with sparkling water (Spa Red, but from the soda stream). Of course I pour it into a wine glass. This makes all drinks seem more festive, including plain sparkling water.
This year I found a great alternative. I live in Spain and quite a lot of wine is drunk there and toasting with a glass of water is 'not done'. Now I have found the 'mosto', which is just non-alcoholic wine. But served with a slice of orange and in a wine glass. For sale in every supermarket. I feel like I'm just joining the real wine drinkers now and it also tastes good. I don't miss the real wine at all.


As an alternative I drink 0% tonic with a little Blends syrup Lime & Mint (you can also use the other flavors).
Or I make ginger water: pieces of ginger with peel in a bottle of lightly sparkling water. I don't drink non-alcoholic wine or anything like that because I think I'm kidding myself.


I enjoy non-alcoholic beer from Affligem and Heineken. Furthermore, the non-alcoholic Hugo fresh white and rosé wine is an absolute must. Wonderfully light sparkling and with a fresh taste.


We have tried a lot and most non-alcoholic wine is actually not drinkable. We finally arrived at the non-alcoholic wine of 'Carl Jung', in particular the white Riesling, the Chardonnay and the 'Mousseux' bubbles. As an alternative to red: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The white wines from 'Kolonne Null' are also not to be missed! Maybe we'll stay with this and drink alcohol in exceptional cases.


What I really like now is half a glass of bitter lemon supplemented with orange juice. Just like drinking a cocktail.
The drink I often drink in the evening is Tomato with a little salt and pepper or a little tabasco. This makes it
nice and spicy. It takes away the appetite and is nutritious. I hope it tastes well.
You read it: one consciously chooses an alternative that has nothing to do with 0.0, while the other can really appreciate this during his or her break. At IkPas we believe that it is better not to drink 0.0 due to the strong resemblance to alcoholic beverages. But luckily you are free to choose what you want and like. Would you like to read more about our position on 0.0? Then read this article.



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