0.0 drinking beers and wine yes or no?

Alcohol-free -0.0- is hot, hip and happening. It seems that no commercial block passes without 0.0 promotion. And it is also alive among the passers. It is one of the most frequently asked questions: is it wise to drink alcohol-free during your IkPas period or not? In this article you can read the redeeming answer!

As dusty as non-alcoholic beer used to be, it is so hip now. Sales of alcohol-free rose by 32 percent in 2018, which is even more than in previous years, reports the Dutch Brouwers trade association. One in twenty beers sold is now alcohol-free (source: nos.nl). About 5.2% of all the beer we drink in our country is alcohol-free. Lager is by far the most consumed beer, thick 81%. Special beers such as IPAs, Tripels, Bockbeers and Witbieren make up more than 10.5% of beer consumption. The rest are the beer mixes (source: bierista.nl).

Why do we increasingly drink 0.0?

The fact that we are increasingly opting for alcohol-free has to do with the following:

-Under the guise: 'casting is out, enjoyment is in', we increasingly choose quality over quantity. And quality is linked to health. So we drink more consciously.

-Was an alcohol-free beer or wine not exactly a treat in the past; nowadays taste and experience have been greatly improved. Some even approach the taste of real beer.

-As consumers, we are more than often 'bribed'. In other words: so much budget is spent on marketing that the consumer will automatically find it 'nice', 'tasty' or 'indispensable'. The brewers of the Netherlands have concluded a prevention agreement. In doing so, they take responsibility and spend more and more advertising money on the promotion of 0.0% beers (source: bierista.nl).

-Because we are increasingly making conscious and healthier choices, the alcohol-free range is increasing in our esteem. A glass of alcohol-free (250ml) contains 65 kilocalories compared to 112.5 kilocalories in a beer (also 250ml).

-Not only have the taste and image of 0.0 improved, the range has also expanded considerably. For example, white beers, IPAs and dark beers are available.

Can I drink 0.0 during my IkPas period?

Of course you can and can drink alcohol-free. Who are we to forbid you to do this? However, we would like to add a serious side note: we recommend that you do not drink anything at all that can be associated with alcohol. An alcohol-free beer is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, that's why. An alcohol-free drink makes the step to real alcohol smaller. Anyone else have a tonic?

Research by Wageningen University & Research shows that the alcohol-free variants of beer, for example, have the same effect, especially if they have almost the same taste as the alcoholic variant. That is why we do not promote the drinking of alcohol-free variants of wine or beer for this alcohol-free period. After all, it hardly matters for the reward area in your brain. The association with alcohol and its effect persist.


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