Something different with GIMBER

January 5, 2023 / Topical / Recipe

Do you know GIMBER already? This drink comes from Belgium and is now finding its way abroad, including the Netherlands. GIMBER is an organic drink with high quality ginger, lemon and herbs that tickle your taste buds. No alcohol, but a lot of spice.

Green GIMBER Spritz

1 small seedless (Persian) cucumber
175 ml green juice (any mix of vegetables, spinach, cucumber, apple, kiwi)
Sparkling water
ice cubes

Cut the cucumber lengthwise into wedges.
Add GIMBER, green juice and a handful of ice in a shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds.
Strain the mocktail into a glass filled with fresh ice.
Top up with sparkling water.
Garnish with 2 cucumber wedges.

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