23 Apr 2022 / Pregnancy

Midwife speaking

Every month, midwife Dieuwke Ottens talks about what she experiences in her practice as a midwife. In this newsletter she tells about the moments when it is (more) difficult not to drink alcohol…
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21 Apr 2022 / Background

Help my loved one is addicted

Addiction problems revolve around the addict in question. Logically. But what about those close to you? Partners, children, parents, friends and colleagues who are concerned, are bothered…
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18 Apr 2022 / Pregnancy

Stewed pears in berry juice

Stewed pears are often prepared in red wine or even in liqueur. This is of course not possible during your pregnancy. With this recipe you cook them in berry juice. At least as tasty!…
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17 Apr 2022 / Background

Tips from Petra Moes

Do not drink alcohol for a month. A piece of cake for some, a chore for others. But whether it comes easy or difficult, tips are always welcome. And…
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