Do it yourself

For the past week I have not walked every morning. I had trouble getting out of bed. And I sometimes wonder, is it easier or harder to quit alcohol during this corona period?

For me it goes very well at times, then again all the hours seem to flow into each other. And well, so it is.

We now have a plan A and a plan B for the holiday period. Something to look forward to. Or a fly & drive to Italy or to Luxembourg by car. And when I think about that and look at those beautiful photos, I immediately feel a lot happier.

I also had time to let all the podcasts and webinars sink in. Last week I followed Petra Moes' webinar. And then you notice that a lot of people have trouble drinking just 1 or 2 wine in normal daily life. Fortunately, I'm not the only one… and that's a nice feeling. But I was hoping, sometime this period, that the scales would show that I'm doing the right thing. Unfortunately that doesn't happen… I notice that I sometimes (actually often) replace it by eating tasty things. A cake, a nice piece of toast (because I don't drink alcohol and I'm doing so well) a nice piece of chocolate (because I'm doing very well). So things have to change. A good tip from a friend: if you feel like something, make it yourself. So if you feel like cake, make it yourself.

In the end it turned out to be a delicious red lentil soup. And if I feel like pie, I'll have to get the ingredients first. Then the threshold is suddenly a lot higher


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