Losing everything, including the way

So I always lose everything, and so often the way somewhere. I have a tom tom but I am the om-om myself. I hear you think, the om-om?

Saturday I went to Rotterdam for a day, visiting a friend. Sure enough, I took the wrong turn because I was half paying attention. Suddenly I was left instead of right and I couldn't go back. So then I drove on and ended up at the Maastunnel. I had to go to Delfshaven, Rotterdam West and eventually ended up in Rotterdam South… I have embraced it in my life, I have come to see it as sightseeing and I see more of the area than many others.
But when I drank I also lost everything, keys, wallet, telephone and not once, not twice, but countless times. And sometimes I found it again and sometimes I didn't. Years ago my mother was called once by Rotterdam Rijnmond and she almost had a heart attack. It turned out to be my wallet that they had found somewhere.

It's bloody irritating to keep losing your stuff and also embarrassing to have to tell you that you've lost your phone again. That's definitely something I haven't embraced.

So 45 minutes later than agreed, I arrived at that friend's place and we talked about how I used to drive wrong. “No,” he says, “you didn't go through the Maastunnel again, did you?” Yes, so yes haha.

We haven't seen each other for a long time because of corona. He gets us something to drink. Had a very pleasant afternoon and evening, he on the rosé and I on the soda. So I have no problem with that at all. I came home refreshed and proud of myself.

Still, I'm noticing that I'm still in two minds: am I going to drink again after the end date of this period or not? Because I 'may' again. I thought I would find it boring to live without alcohol and sometimes it seems that way. You no longer participate, you get a different rhythm in your weekend. But in the meantime I also notice that I feel great about not drinking. Never thought I'd say that again!


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