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“A nice glass of wine, Grandma?”

I am visiting my grandmother and pour myself an alcohol-free wine and a small glass of regular wine for her.

Last week I went to my grandmother. She is 87 and lives on her own. She didn't know that alcohol-free wine existed at all and thinks it's good that I'm working on this. Normally we drank a glass of wine or 2 or in my case 3 or 4 wines. Somewhere in January the non-alcoholic wines were on sale and I got 6 bottles. Trust me, it's really different, but it's a nice drink. I especially like that after 1 glass of wine I don't feel like taking another one. It's fine.
I notice that I have little problem with it, my boyfriend drinks his specialty beers, but I'm not jealous or anything. Recently he had gone over his limits with the alcohol and had a huge hangover the next day. No, not jealous of that hangover at all haha. The Friday evenings when we normally get fries and open a bottle because the week is over, I now cook and open a 0.0. It is a matter of switching and especially creating new habits, breaking patterns. Sounds easy, but it takes some perseverance. It comes down to keeping your goal in mind: what are you doing it for? Petra Moes's first webinar was about having that goal. Why is it important to you? Why do you want it so badly? Write that down for yourself and then ask yourself a few times why that goal is so important. Then you finally get to the core.
Lately I've been listening to a lot of podcasts and I've been planning to go for a walk in the morning before work for a while. Last week I managed to do that. I set the alarm half an hour earlier. We have a beautiful lake in front of the door where you can walk around, watch the sun rise and sometimes encounter a stork.
When you hear what alcohol does to your body and people tell them what the benefits are for them of not drinking at all, you start thinking about it. I do anyway. I'm not saying I'm not going to drink at all, but I'm also noticing major benefits. Especially the peace of not drinking anymore, no more hangovers and a wonderfully deep sleep.
podcast tips:
– 'Unstunned' with Immanuele Grives, among others, who shares her story openly and honestly.
– 'Honest about alcohol' with ao Thomas Berge. Very impressive.


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