Just over the edge

Nausea and a headache the next day… Lame on the couch and not in the mood for anything. Looking for the limit and sometimes just crossing it. Recognizable?

I am not a moderate drinker. I think it's great if someone can leave it at 1 or 2 wines. I had to empty the bottle, because that's a shame isn't it? And if the bottle was empty, it could easily be that another one would open, because yes it was that nice. I am a heavy drinker, once I have a drink, I will continue to drink it all evening.

A few years ago I was inspired by a colleague. At first I was joking about not drinking for a month in January. How so? Then you have New Year's drinks, right? Still, it stuck with me. It wouldn't be a bad idea to take a time out. Every Friday the Friday afternoon snack, sometimes on to the city without eating decent food and drinking good wine with a few snacks.

After the first IkPas 2018, I became aware of this. Why don't I say no more often? Why don't I 'bob' more often? Then I have a legitimate reason not to drink. On the other hand, why do I need a legitimate reason to say I don't feel like drinking for a night or weekend?

That went well and when I participated in my first IkPas I noticed how much was being drunk and how normal it was. Now we have the rule anyway, that we don't drink during the week unless it's holidays. And we stick to that, but when it's Friday, then the specialty beers (or the bottle of wine) open and things go fast.

This year I participated again and decided to also participate in the bridging challenge and the 40 days no drop challenge until March 28th. I haven't been sober for that long since I was 15… and it feels wonderfully liberating I can tell you!
Let me introduce myself briefly: I am Sterre, 34 years old and I live with my boyfriend near the Burgundian town of Den Bosch. We have 2 cats and live in an apartment. Six years ago I moved to Brabant, before that I lived in Rotterdam. I work as a manager at an employment agency and we regularly have fun drinks and company parties. My motto: celebrate life, every day is a party! A few years ago I started participating in IkPas and I really liked it. This year I am participating for the first time in the bridging challenge and the 40 days no drop challenge. I would like to take you with me in my weekly thoughts and experiences.




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