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Already my last blog before I fit, in fact it is the second-to-last blog for this fitting period. If you are reading this, day 39 has just started, for me it is still day 38. The finish line is in sight and if my dream from last night turns out not to be a predictive dream, then we will really make it without a drop. Last night I dreamed about a glass of wine for the first time. Last week I made a resolution to have dinner delivered at home at a local restaurant next Friday, including matching wine. That will be the first moment that I make another trip to an alcoholic snack. This intention made me dream about that moment last night, but it was a week too early in my dream. I can still remember that I was very in doubt, did I go for that nice glass of white wine or for an alcohol-free beer? Unfortunately, I can't remember how it ended. I'm looking forward to next Friday to sit together again with a glass of wine, but unlike in my dream, I didn't even think about smuggling the past period. I started together with my friend and a colleague, my colleague gave in after the first two weeks and drank a glass of wine. I was really completely amazed at the very conscious choice she had made. Fortunately, she didn't like it at all and she recovered. An extra motivation for me not to make the same choice, imagine it doesn't even taste!

Next Wednesday I will tick the 6 weeks alcohol-free and with that the fatty liver has disappeared on average. It is remarkable how quickly the body is able to recover. Although I'm really looking forward to drinking a glass of wine together next week, I also get the feeling that it would be a shame to cause new damage again. I can't see into the future, but I do have the feeling that my alcohol consumption will undergo a structural change. I no longer impose rules on myself, such as only on weekends or a maximum of 2 glasses. I will mainly listen to my body, I now feel super fit, rested and healthy. The scale has been the common thread in my stories lately. I was very focused on weight loss and just looking at the numbers didn't make me notice how much my body was changing. I have lost about a kilo in weight in the past period, but the result is not in the numbers but in the change in my abdomen and buttocks that has occurred. Suddenly I realized that my stomach is now much less bloated and therefore seems much slimmer. And the cellulite on my buttocks, that suddenly seems much less! So well…those kilos may not have decreased much, but I feel great and that is of course worth a lot more!

I have enjoyed the past period and learned a lot about myself again. Thank you for reading my blogs and I hope I have been able to inspire you to try fitting or at least adjusting your alcohol consumption. Take care of yourself and each other and who knows, see you next year!



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