I'm back!

My fourth and last blog already, as I mentioned in my previous blog, my motivation to do anything at all was hard to find. I've Lost My Mojo….!

In the meantime I am very happy to inform you that I have found it again. My Mojo is back! I trained again and that felt great. Sometimes I think you have to give in a bit, without feeling guilty, allow yourself that, the rest of the year we do enough, right? Just do nothing for a week and do what you feel like. A little Netflix, puzzling, ordering pizza, whatever your hobby is, indulge in it and then see you again. In any case, it helped me, I'm charged again. We have had Blue Monday again and now with screeching tires towards spring. I am well aware that we are still in the middle of winter, but hey, a person can dream. I see full terraces in front of me, whether it is 1,5 distance or not, as long as something can be done again, if only to ensure that the bistros, cafes and restaurants continue to exist and not all go bankrupt later, so we can't go on the terrace yet. I can see that we are consuming a delicious beer or cocktail with a nice umbrella in it, for me alcohol-free. Speaking of alcohol-free, more and more drinks are coming onto the market. Last year I tried to drink an alcohol-free wine. Why actually? I don't know, maybe I thought at the time: that's fun…. which of course makes no sense. In any case, this is not acceptable. I thought maybe I got it wrong and tried again, no success this time either. Now say goodbye to it. The non-alcoholic beers are still good on a hot summer day. There is plenty of choice.

While writing this blog, we just finished another press conference, this time it's mainly about the curfew. For many, perhaps a disappointment and another downer, now we can start complaining about what is not possible, but let's look at what is possible and let's all start vaccinating. I think of all the people in our country and around the world who have lost a loved one to this disease. They might have wanted the lockdown, curfew or vaccination sooner. And what can we do? Just of a completely different order; we can go to puppy course again tonight, nice that this is possible, this is outside on a large football field where there is all the space and you can handle the 1,5 meters well. We go through all kinds of weather and we are left in the cold to let a 13 week old puppy do all kinds of things. Despite the cold, there is a fight at home about who can come and do the course with our puppy. The children take turns and she and the puppy are doing great during the course.

In my 2e blog I had about nice, interesting books that you can read, a nice podcast that you can listen to is; Unanaesthetized, where Erik –Jan Harmens discusses their addictions (anesthetics) with various known and unknown people. Wim Kieft, Sonja Silva and Eric Corton pass by, among others. Everyone deals with their own struggles. My husband is currently struggling with 'stopping smoking' and boy what a struggle, but he thinks it's great that he is taking up the fight. And so I end my last blog, let's all fight together, and it's different for everyone, but together we have one battle and we have to get through the lockdown and get rid of the virus! Good luck to all with the 'fitting'.


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