And then 2020…

In January 2020 I will participate in IkPas for the third time and, like so many others, I will start with good intentions, and decide to go running 'again' with the neighbor. Somehow we have made it a tradition to get serious running in the winter, we both like it. During our run we chat a lot and I tell the neighbor that I am participating in 'Dry January' for the second time and I spontaneously blurt out that I will not drink for the whole year. Not strange for the neighbor in itself because she doesn't drink at all, doesn't like it. Why don't I have this condition I wonder? But well maybe I'll call it, bearing in mind that she never drinks so why not me? At least I've said it now, so let's go for it. So not 1 month, no a whole year!

With all the ups and downs I've had, I can now say that I haven't had any alcohol all year. The only alcohol I've had was what's in a tiramisu dessert, and I've forgiven myself for this. Was it easier not to drink for a year because of the corona virus? I do not know. In January we still had the usual New Year's drinks and other parties, which went well, partly because more people are participating in this campaign. A nice test moment after IkPas for me is the beginning of March, my daughter's birthday, there is already a pandemic but no lockdown yet, so there are still visitors. It manages to stand and not drink. Although I found this a difficult one. It was nice, cozy and at the end my husband and I often had a drink together. Shortly after this anniversary, the government introduced several hygiene measures and not long after the other well-known measures, unfortunately we have unintentionally become the subject of a piece of history. Because everything is closed and you are obliged to stay at home, there are fewer temptations. Think this has helped many people not to drink. On the other hand, there is a group of people who drink alone at home, in the IkPas newsletter I read that these are more women than men. I loved to drink at home during a good book, nice movie, beautiful summer day, but now do this just fine with a cup of tea or coffee, the temptation is not difficult to resist at home.

I wonder how 2021 will go for me when the terraces open again, we can have a nice dinner, go to birthdays and other parties. We will see. What may have made it easier not to drink at home is the fact that my husband spontaneously decided to participate in January, for a month. But of course this is great, and he could notice a difference pretty quickly. Sleeping in particular is much better. What I liked last year during the IkPas period was an app that you could download and earn badges, now this is no longer possible through an app, I notice that I am no longer involved with it, I used to go I read the IkPas newsletter, stories and did you know that and I developed a certain fascination with everything that had to do with it and I devoured a number of books.

I started with the book: 'Op je health' by René Kahn about the effects of alcohol. Well this was a bit of a shock, if you read this book you will stop drinking spontaneously. He clearly states (and substantiates it): alcohol is harmful to health and that unfavorable effect starts with a glass a day. Okay, I actually didn't want to read/hear this. In any case, this book has made it clear that I better not do it. I generally think that applies to everything and I think of drinking, smoking, unhealthy eating; everything is possible only in moderation and that is the problem at the same time; I mean who smokes in moderation now? Surely someone will, but there will be few, the pity of these drugs is that they are so addictive.

If you want something lighter and more recognizable (at least for me) then Chardonnee by Clare Pooley is an easy to devour book, I found this really hilarious. Be warned, there's a good chance you'll develop a new addiction...I had a hard time stopping reading...

A few other recommendations are: 'Well, one more by Mariëtte Wijne' and 'I don't drink anymore' by Loïs Bisschop.

Next time the start of 2021!


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