The teacher is always right

While writing this blog, I just listened to the press conference and we hear from Prime Minister Rutte that the lockdown will be extended by 3 weeks. That will be a setback for many, but unfortunately necessary. My thoughts immediately go out to all the parents who are stuck with their offspring. Here at home, two out of three children have a maximum of 2 times half an hour online class per day, of which they are occasionally still playing a game in that half hour, with the teacher or master, this seems very little compared to the previous average school days from 8.30 am to 3.15 pm. Oh well, it's no different and we will all have to adjust (hopefully just a little longer). After we finally managed to get everything right online, Teams activated, found the link where the online lessons take place, et cetera, we will do homework after the online lessons. Mom will you help me? Sure child, and I explain about relationships at least that's what I try, because whatever I say, I'm not doing it right, I'm saying it wrong, I should have done this first and then like this, teacher explains much better .....pffff. My respect for the teachers is growing day by day. How do they do this all day long? 5 days a week?? I'm done with it after 5 minutes. Maybe they have an advantage right away because they are called teacher or master, sir or madam, teacher or teacher, because as soon as you have this title in front of your name, you are of course always right. I can say what I want, but they won't believe me, if the teacher or master says exactly the same thing, then it makes perfect sense. I sincerely hope that they can support our parents again soon.

Going back to New Year's Eve this year, what is different for me compared to a year earlier? New Year's Eve, which is the holiday par excellence where champagne and other alcoholic refreshments flow freely, this time I celebrated it without wine or champagne, these were the usual drinks a year earlier. Actually always with New Year's Eve when I think about it, the times without wine I was pregnant. Furthermore, I am 10 kilos lighter than a year earlier, although I do notice that I have to watch out again, partly due to less sports, the motivation is hard to find, the corona laziness strikes and we start sniffing out of boredom.

Many are now in the third week of Dry January, I'm curious how everyone is doing, hopefully you experience some positive changes and for those who didn't quite succeed, just start again, my teacher always said: 'you can learn from trying '. And my teacher was always right. If it turns out that you are having a lot of trouble with it and maybe you need more support, there are Facebook groups you can join and find support, there are meetings and you can go to the doctor and for some this will be a barrier. be, but just do it, it can give that extra push. My goal was not to completely stop with alcohol, but to become more aware, resulting in a healthier lifestyle. It should no longer be a habit, but a choice. I like it so much now that I'm going to keep going! And now try to get moving again. Hopefully next week I can report that this was successful.

Until next week!


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