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That party I talked about in my previous closing, well that didn't happen. Just like all other parties, dinners, drinks and socializing. Nice and easy to keep up, right? You'd think so, but I've really missed my glass of wine these past few days. These are crazy and uncertain times, in which you think about your own health and the health of others every day. And I prefer to toast every day with a glass of bubbly that we are still healthy, but yes we still fit. And we will continue that, because in this time it is important that you take extra good care of yourself! And if I've learned anything in the past 3 weeks, it's that alcohol has a particularly nasty effect on my health.

In these special times, the entrepreneurs try to save what can be saved, resulting in a mailbox that almost explodes with all newsletters. It's also very confronting that I receive a lot of newsletters from wine providers. You now get free glasses with your order, extra discount or even free wine! Mails with important announcements and the message is that they will continue to deliver. Unfortunately, I swipe everything in the trash, because I have an agreement with myself that I will only buy wine during the fitting period. Normally I would have bought a box or something, but now I have to be strict. Of course I will support entrepreneurs in a different way in these difficult times, just not with the purchase of wine.

And then of course we have to talk about my weight. Last Wednesday we were on the road for three weeks and I finally get the appreciation for that from my scale. I have now lost over a kilo, so my goal of two kilos lighter after 40 days of fitting is in sight! Was a hilarious moment in the bathroom. I stood on the scale and said to my friend: "Three weeks alcohol-free". And before I could even finish my sentence, he became stressed and yelled: “What?! Three weeks late?! Awesome!" But of course it had to be: "Three weeks alcohol-free and lost over a kilo".

So no parties and drinks planned this week, but mostly a lot at home on the couch and that now turns out to be the most difficult situation, while I had estimated it differently beforehand.

Stay healthy everyone and see you next week.


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