To toast or not to toast

14 January 2021 / Topical / Blog Mary

We are half way! How good does that feel! The first 10 days the pure focus was on not being allowed to (wanting) to drink. The craving for a glass (or more) of wine was present every day and since last Sunday it feels like it's okay. The mantra: “I don't need it, the tension in my body will pass”, I really believe now.

Even though I have to do this all by myself, it's nice to know that I'm doing this together with others. We all have a goal and that is to sustain this 30-day challenge. Some find it more difficult than others and not everyone does it for the same reasons. That gives some kind of support and I need that. What I also said in my previous blog is that I am so happy with my night's sleep. It is so nice to be able to sleep well again, to wake up rested and to get through the day fit enough. I notice that my mental health is worse when I can't sleep well. I never expected that this 'small' adjustment has such a big positive effect.

That is of course all very nice and positive… But, what next? After those 30 days, a delicious bottle of Malbec is waiting for us to toast to a successful challenge and to our new home! All the time I try to think about how I'm going to last and ask myself: who or what do I need for that? What I know for sure is that I want to drink, because I really feel like it and want to experience a taste experience.

The tip I want to give myself and others is to drink (and eat) with attention. Are you still working on your laptop? Then you are not completely with your thoughts and you tend to drink faster and more. In that case, choose something else! If you want a nice alcoholic drink, take your time. What are you tasting? What do you smell? What does this taste good with? Enjoy!

Until next week!


Love, Mary





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