I don't want to drink

January 21, 2021 / Topical / Blog Mary

The first three weeks flew by, who would have thought? In the meantime, the relocation and renovation are continuing at full speed. At home I pack some boxes, complete work assignments, not to mention keep the household up to date and entertain my toddler. The eldest two spend a few nights with grandparents to be able to concentrate better on schoolwork. Which also has a positive effect at home; I feel less tension and we can go our own way.

I found the beginning of this challenge spicy, because it was such a habit, that wine. I didn't expect that habit to be so easy to break. Despite the previous years that I participated in the alcohol-free 30 days, this year I was more anxious. Drinking had become a habit and got into my system. I found it all the more fun to blog about it and to discuss my feelings about it with everyone!

What I have learned most of all is that not wanting to drink is different from not being allowed to. It is a conscious agreement I made with myself. If I were to forbid myself something, it would somehow be much more difficult. See it as a challenge in which you want to prove to yourself that you can achieve something. Then the end is in sight much faster! What will my next challenge be? 30 days of no sweets?

Whatever it will be, these last days are a piece of cake for me! After these 30 days, that wine will not be the relaxing moment of the day, but the nice moment of the weekend!

Until next week!

Love, Mary


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