A whole lot of tension…

Well, that was a tough first week! I don't know how you experienced it, but the 30 day challenge might have been easier if it had started on a boring Monday. Instead, it was a weekend without alcoholic beverages and yes, that took some getting used to. It really felt like I was being thrown in at the deep end. As my father always says, “There is never a good start”, and so was the start of this break…

Last Monday we received the key to our new home. An incredibly fun adventure of course, but we have four weeks to get the house – dating from the 1970s – in a sleek and modern jacket. Now I have the most handy man in the world and a very sweet (in-law) family that rolls up their sleeves for 'our project'. But sometimes it does bring some tension.

A tension that I normally suppressed with a glass of wine, which subsequently made me feel better! There were certainly two evenings when I looked at the clock and thought: 'it's not yet 8 pm, should I go to the store quickly?' I decided to ask my brother and fellow IkPas participant for advice. Because yes, he will probably also have a hard time? He told me he's going to enjoy Netflix and told me to remember that cravings for a glass of wine come in waves. The feeling is there, but it also goes away. I then grabbed a cup of cappuccino and started a delicious series. When it came time to go to bed, I could only be content.

What I am really very happy with is my night's sleep. You think you'll sleep better with a few drinks, but you're not. I have never slept so well since January 1. I wake up refreshed in the morning. That was something I could very much yearn for. Adequate sleep, not always awake, no dry mouth. Just very relaxed, delicious!

In addition, I walk almost every day to exercise more. I still have to change a few things about my diet, but I notice that everything is a lot at the same time. First this and then the next step. How are things going with you? What positive thoughts have come to you and what do you do during a difficult moment? Until next week!

Love, Mary


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