Insight, awareness and pride

In the past month I have never received so many emails from well-known (online) liquor stores. I may have once checked that I want to receive a daily notification of great offers, but this was a little bit too much!

While our move is almost in sight, the new house is not yet finished. But, after the hard work of my husband and (in-law) family, it has become habitable and we are almost halfway there. It's so cool to be part of this development. Only praise! Maaaar… The end of the challenge is also in sight! Time for a look back to see what positive things it has brought me.

I started the 30-day challenge at IkPas, because I noticed that in the past year I had changed from an occasional drinker to an almost daily drinker. A glass of wine was not an occasional drink, but a habitual drink. Like the wine while cooking for example. That had to work with something else too, right? This year felt more difficult than in previous years, but I wanted to take on this! I did this with my parents and brother. The first 10 days were tough for me. Every day I thought of that nice glass of wine that could take some tension away. But, I now wanted to break that thought link.

The tips to keep this up went back and forth and blogging about it also gave me a kind of awareness. I evaluated previous days and saw what was helpful. I can apply this nice weather in the rest of 2021. In that regard, it was a very successful challenge and I would like to thank IkPas for allowing me to share my experience with everyone. I will also start in 2022 with the 30-day challenge and of course look back on the past year. Good luck to the participants who will continue for a while and to everyone else; you did a great job and see you next year!




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