Nice pause and lines

There you go, the first week of IkPas is over! I enjoyed my last red wine day for a while, and the next day I regretted it a lot, because until the afternoon I walked with a very dull head. At the same time, that motivated me even more to pass. Falling asleep was a bit more difficult this week. But once I slept, I slept like an ox, much deeper than with a glass of wine. As I wrote last week, after IkPas 2020 I didn't drink at all for half a year. After that a lot less than I was used to for years: a few glasses at most on the weekend and during the holidays. I have benefited immensely from this over the past week. Where I was tormented by the wildest dreams during the first weeks of IkPas last year, I didn't have that now. And the fitting turned out to be much easier than last year.

Tuesday evening I switched on my PC via the easy program Zoom – anyone can do that! – participate in the session of Petra Moes, life coach and trainer with programs to break your alcohol pattern. IkPas had organized this and there will be some more of these sessions that you can participate in for free. With nearly three hundred people, mostly older women like me, we spent an hour drinking alcohol. Petra presented quitting alcohol as an exciting adventure that you can embark on with curiosity. She said it's easier to find relaxation without drinking, as crazy as that may sound to us wine lovers. However, I myself have noticed that this is indeed the case. I noticed that after a relaxed feeling during and right after drinking my wines, I started to feel more tense, especially at night. After being dry for a while, I felt much calmer, relaxed and happier. Now move on to completely alcohol-free, where IkPas is a nice stepping stone.

After Petra suggested that you start talking online in small groups about your relationship with alcohol, no fewer than a hundred people dropped out. Many found it too difficult, too confrontational or did not want to share their experiences with complete strangers. Talking about your alcohol use is apparently still so sensitive.....

This month I also want to lose a few pounds. I couldn't do that last year: I threw myself into extra tasty cooking as a distraction. And you simply don't eat mouse bites from that. I also ate a lot of dark chocolate. I no longer needed that distraction, but the chocolate still needed it, but much less. In the past year I have learned how to pleasantly fill the extra time that arises because I no longer sit in the bin. Now during the lockdown, which is more difficult than in the summer for sure, I do a few things online, such as watching a lecture about Gaudi's Sagrada Famiglia. Also very nice!

This week I managed to stay away from not only the wine, but also the sugar-free soft drinks. Now I drink different kinds of tea and I like it. The result is a little over a pound. I like both not drinking and dieting: it makes me less focused on the drink and I didn't expect that at all. A stroke of luck!

I'm happy with how it went last week. No cravings and I feel fine. Proudly I continue to week 2! Good luck everyone.


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