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January 16, 2021 / Topical / Blog Francesca

We are already halfway through this IkPas period! How fast it actually goes… On Monday I had a small dip in missing my red wine, but I noticed that the craving just blows over and that I'm glad I didn't give in to the urge. This time I allow myself to have a 0% alcohol-free white beer. I enjoy the bitterness in it and when I drink beer I have no association with wine or desire for a beer with alcohol, because I rarely drank beer. It's just a new drink for me.

My week this week was all about extra exercise. Fortunately the weather cooperated. Especially Saturday a week ago was a beautiful day with a layer of ice on the ditches and on the leaves. I installed the pedometer on my phone and it turned out to be very nice: after the walk you not only know exactly how many steps you have taken, but also how many calories you have burned and exactly what distance you have walked. Three times this week I was well over 11 kilometers per walk, enjoying the fresh air and feeling very fit and satisfied afterwards. No wine can beat that! And how wonderfully you are enjoying the whole evening on the couch! The scale was also kind to me: another pound off. That gives you courage.

I am also starting to feel a bit more energetic. Sometimes I have a day when I'm brimming with energy. That is wonderful. A nice piano lesson made me very happy.

I was very disappointed with the extension of the lockdown. We can forget the outing that we had planned in February in a hotel in Hoorn, and which we were really looking forward to, because we don't feel like eating all the meals in the room. The museums are also not opening for the time being, which I, as a museum tiger, find it very unfortunate. But we all have to get through it together, it's no different. Tomorrow another walk with a friend planned on the beautiful estate Clingendael in The Hague. I am positively looking forward to week 3! Good luck everyone and see you next week.


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