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January 30, 2021 / Topical / Blog Francesca

IkPas 2021 is already over! I didn't pine for the finish line and thought about what kind of alcoholic drink I should have first, because I've decided to continue through at least the 40 day challenge. I feel very good with this alcohol-free existence, sleep much better and feel fresh, fruity and more energetic all the time. I did give myself a present as a reward for 1 month of IkPas: a nice Rituals set. Borrowed a Fitbit this week to better visualize the result of my walks – I have continued with that and now run an average of 10 kilometers at a time – and that is very stimulating. It also indicates how many hours you have slept, and how many hours of that you have slept deeply and how many hours light. I will definitely buy one. What does help with not drinking is that there are hardly any social gatherings, that no terraces are open and that the restaurants are closed. Because I find it difficult when I see others drinking. This week we cooked extra delicious, such as a white bean stew with chorizo, cherry tomatoes and rosemary and baked another apple pie. Relaxing to do and very tasty, and I didn't miss the wine. I've noticed that you taste the food even better without wine. The past month has made me realize that the previous year brought me a lot with little drinking and that I got through this IkPas month very easily as a result. It also feels good that I have worked hard on my resistance to, for example, corona. I actually don't know why I would go back to wine…. The short-term effect is sometimes - but not always - very pleasant and the disadvantages have turned out to be much greater for me. Bad sleep, dull head the day after, and a feeling of guilt towards my body. I wonder where I will be next year!


23 January 2021 / Blog Francesca

New hobbies

The past week has been fine, no 'sin'. Movement was the motto last week and I continued with that this week. Even set a personal best with 20,000 steps…
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January 16, 2021 / Blog Francesca

on the walk

We are already halfway through this IkPas period! It goes really fast… Monday I had a small dip in missing my red wine, but I have…
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