Summer time is podcast time

Are you also fond of podcasts? Then you are in the right place. We share the best podcasts of the moment. Not really convinced of this medium yet? Now is a good time to get involved. This is the podcast cream of the crop from 2021 so far.

  1. Welcome to your fantasy

Tanned torsos, subtle bows and filled thongs: the Chippendales concept was and is a success. But don't let that fool you completely. The Chippendale world is one of power, drugs, money and murder. Investigative journalist, historian and fitness instructor Natalia Petrzela takes us back to gritty early 1980s LA to strip this story completely

  1. The Deventer Media store

Do you remember the Deventer murder case? A brutal murder of a rich widow, the convicted bookkeeper, a mysterious handwritten note in the garden. A suspicious handyman and an elderly graphologist couple who got things rolling. This podcast examines the role of the media. The public got the idea that the convicted perpetrator, Ernest Louwes, was innocent. Listen to the story of Michael de Jong (family friend and suspect) and other people involved, including Maurice de Hond.

  1. The Turning / The sisters who left

This podcast is about the nuns who followed in Mother Teresa's footsteps and were subjected to the strictest rules imaginable. Mother Teresa herself is the great example, and she has elevated self-punishment to a great art. So you are expected to torment yourself for Jesus, to keep working when you are seriously ill, and never to touch anyone. Thus young girls with great ideals were crushed between the monastery walls.

  1. Outside the walls

What's it like when you've been incarcerated (off and on) for years? And then you 'suddenly' find yourself outside? Can join real life? Podcast maker Marjolein Knol followed two-time murderer Harry and frequent offender Bram for a year, and already knew them when they were still incarcerated. What you hear are difficult questions and big stories. There is a lot of understanding and sincerity showing through between the lines. Will Harry and Bram make it or will they end up behind bars again?

  1. cassie while

Do you fear death or are you comfortable with it? Radio maker Laura Stek falls into the first category, while artist and co-host Babs Bakels has been fascinated by death from an early age. Kassiewije makes you think about death, it is full of interesting facts and good music, and at the same time is also a kind of group therapy against death anxiety and corona trauma.


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