What do IkPassers do in semi-lockdown?

2 Apr 2020 / Topical / Background
A week ago we asked what you are doing to pass the time now that we are expected to stay indoors as much as possible. We received a lot of encouraging messages describing many hobbies and pursuits. We have bundled all responses. Curious about what your fellow IkPassers do in and around the house? 


I am cleaning up my administration and learning a new language via an app. I also finally had time to discover Netflix and I enjoy that. I also allow myself time to relax: do yoga at home every morning and go for a bike ride and a longer walk every week. Actually, my list is still quite long and there are also things on it that 'must', but I really try to slow down and enjoy more relaxing things.


We are puzzling. Very addictive, but one thing you can do indoors.


I manage my time well. What's at stake makes it little to no effort for me. We have a large garden and a back building where we 33 every day! walk up and down and walk 10 km a day.

I also like to cook, do puzzles and read a lot.

The only uncertainty for us is when there is finally a prospect of improvement. That uncertainty hurts.

I also miss our children and grandchild. Fortunately we can make video calls.


I paint my white piano keys black and vice versa, in short, I pick up more creative things again. I have picked up my kettlebel training and yoga exercises again. I also decided to make a website in the hope of getting paid assignments in the future for my great hobby of photography. I started baking cookies myself

And a very important one: I am more aware of myself. Despite this situation around the virus, I am taking more time for myself which benefits my peace of mind. I could experience quite a bit of social pressure to meet up with people (know quite a few people) and that is now largely gone. Which is why I now take the time for all of the above. Of course, NOT drinking helps enormously with this. I am a lot happier with myself again and wake up smiling and rested.


What do I do on my weekend? I bake!
Of course sometimes something nice and sweet, but mainly (sour) bread. It's one of the most rewarding, fulfilling pursuits I know, and I can recommend it to anyone. You also make your environment happy, because everyone likes it! In addition to our family, I have already delighted people from the neighborhood with a delicious sandwich several times. And it's simple, anyone can do it!


From day 1 that I started this challenge, I don't drink a drop of alcohol. It's an appointment with myself!
I fill my free time with a brisk walk or nice bike ride. You get the sun as a gift.
Reading a book, which has been waiting for a long time when she is caught, is glad that she can breathe between the pages.
On scheduled days/times I do household chores, cleaning, washing and ironing.
Everyone likes it when attention is paid to what is needed. My thirst quencher is SPA red, Rivella or Gingerale, lukewarm apple juice with Aspen (flavored powder), especially on weekends. I'm doing well and I'm proud of myself.


I'm going to the moor early tomorrow: Nordic Walking!

Then relax with Radio 4. And cut branches for the green box, nice in the garden, while you still can!

Today I did the class at home with the Pilates group via ZOOM, which we do at the gym.

In the afternoon we go back to the heath; always keep a different route and distance.

A necessary outing is also shopping.

The weekend is already fully planned. Watching a detective or something like that tonight.


We had been at home for some time, retired. What we have done is get the old games from the attic and start playing again, great and laughing a lot. Cycling outside, carefully of course. There are plenty of things you can do; also with the children.

I also do odd jobs around the house such as painting. In short: get things done!


I work from home for three days. I read more, I also joined the Volkskrant reading club (FB) for a week, we read a book by Jeroen Brouwers together. I write letters, both to friends and to people who are lonely. Via mail buddy (FB) and writing buddy (Oudeerenbond). I am also fortunate to have an allotment garden. There I am often, alone, more than 10 m away from other people.

Together with my husband:

-I take a walk every day.

-I play card and board games (finally time to learn those new games and finally there is the need, because no football on the television).

I watch a series or TV.


Enjoy all that free time, break in the rat race. I asked for a day off last week months ago. My fellow truckers continue to work. I read your request for tips to pass the time. I bet you won't share mine. My hobby is brewing beer. A hobby that takes a lot of time.

Yesterday I bottled my beer. This party is special. I have done both the brewing and the bottling sober.

The purpose of my IkPas period is not to completely ban alcohol from my life, but to enjoy it responsibly! So far it has cost me little effort, although I am curious about the taste of my latest creation. I will continue until after Good Friday. My wife is Catholic and thinks it is a bad idea to start drinking alcohol during Holy Week.

Dear Hugo,

Bet we share your activity anyway ;). Because you are fitting very well in your own way. Consciously dealing with alcohol, that is what IkPas wants for its participants. So hats off to you and good luck with your last 'fitness lines'. Regards, IkPas.

Henk and Magda

Two weeks ago we put a jigsaw puzzle together with our granddaughter. We always had these at home.

We liked it so much that a day later we got a new one of 1000 pieces.

We are both doing puzzles now, when we have nothing else to do.

In addition, online gaming (Fortnite) with children and grandchildren and my wife plays Wordfeud.


What we do in and around the house? I don't mind being at home per se, but now I'm going mad.
We live in the city and have a nice house with a garden and balcony. But we have new neighbors and the whole world is theirs. They have been working on the garden for weeks and they have been cutting tiles and stones for weeks. And don't say anything about it: #doeslief.
We enjoy ourselves with music, the newspaper, a breath of fresh air, reading and physical maintenance by doing the sports exercises.
The 38 days so far not a drop has worked well for us. We will certainly complete the 46 days. Awareness around alcohol, that is the biggest gain of IkPas. It suits me.
We also talk once a day in haiku form. A fun activity activated by Kees van Kooten.
The days go by so quickly. We do miss the energy of our three grandsons. The videos go through the air a lot. Fortunately, we still have KPN. I wish everyone good luck with this period. IkPas is a whistle compared to the corona time.


Something has changed recently. Participating in 40 days of no drinking, the coronavirus and having a shop is 'KILLED'. Haven't drunk for 38 days now and that was a cinch for me (didn't think so). I will do that again next year. Well, and sitting at home, what do you do with that? Fortunately, we have an allotment garden (with overdue maintenance) and it is looking great again. Great to be so busy and the time flies by. I'll keep it up for a while, but I also see dropouts. Corona problems and human suffering. Let's hope everything will be fine soon. Then I drink a Coke.


Suddenly I'm busy with something I've never been interested in before: my own family tree. Very nice to find this out! I come to early seventeenth century! Admittedly, I could find a lot on the internet. But thanks to a shoebox full of prayer cards I was able to provide a lot of new information myself.


Try new recipes. Just baked a carrot cake.

Still needs to be glazed and then divided into brownie portions.

And then share it with the neighbors… remotely.

What else do I do?

-Make photo book

-Organize Zoom webinars

- Natural reading and reading

-Watching TV…selective

-Sports through the Netherlands in motion


Some things are indeed falling away now. It is no longer possible to go to the Ajax Women on Friday evening. But you can't drink anything there anyway 😉 And watching sports on TV has become boring, now that they broadcast the European Championship of '88, and I already saw it in 1988, I still remember who won...

So last week I just watched the World Games on YouTube, inline skating knock-out race, men and women. Was quite exciting.

But most of the time I now spend writing articles for Wikipedia. I always did, but now I have even more time for it. There is still a large backlog of articles about women, also in sports, so I am not without inspiration for the time being.
The https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lijst_van_alcoholische_dranken is well filled, so we can just ignore it now


I crochet a lot.


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