Why your own Challenge?

We asked you to share with us why you chose your own challenge. The motives differ. From 'not having a need for a group' to 'forgetting to participate in Dry January'. And everything in between. Read on.

“I created my own challenge, because I don't like groups and want to remain anonymous. I know I'm good at quitting -I quit once a year earlier- and I know where my pitfalls are. In addition, I find enough support in my own network.”

“A few years ago I stopped drinking alcohol for 100 days. Now that a loved one is seriously ill, it's tempting to drink away the tension and worry. But I don't want that. I don't want to drink for at least another 100 days now. That feels much better, despite the situation as it is now.”

“In the last months of 2020, there were mornings where I couldn't remember what I had done the night before. With the support of my environment, I want to try not to drink for a year.”

“Around me and in my work I have seen what alcohol can do to you. I have also seen up close what a healthy lifestyle can bring you. With no smoking, no drinking, not too much and healthy food and a lot of exercise you can reach an old age in good health. I've been taking an alcohol break for at least 20 years. Now I participate, because my daughter is also participating.”

“Last year I had a medical procedure. I still don't like the restoration of this. I hope to get better naturally thanks to my alcohol break.”

“I forgot to participate in Dry January in January. Then I opted for dry from Monday to Friday afternoon. Now I really want to try to keep it up for a whole month.”

“My alcohol consumption has always been modest. I only drank a few glasses on the weekend. I do miss my weekend wine sometimes. I take a break until Friday and then enjoy a glass of wine again.”

“I stopped smoking in mid-January. In preparation for that, I stopped drinking my daily glasses (2) of wine a few days before. The wine drinking was quite an established pattern. The choice to quit feels very good. A no, it doesn't feel boring.”

“I started my own challenge because I think it's harder to drink again for two weeks and then not drink for 40 days, than to continue taking a break.
And because it's not a carnival after all, I thought I'd just keep going."


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