Sitting at home and drinking at home

April 25, 2021 / Topical / Background

The corona period is long. It is therefore quite tempting to open a bottle yourself. Just in your student room. Because you need it every now and then to relax. Because life is just a boring affair right now. Because you imagined it all differently. Drinking at home. How do you control it and what can you do if you crave alcohol?

Studying - in addition to following lectures, studying hard and taking exams - also means getting to know new people and getting together with your friends. Talking at the bar at the sorority, joking around in your favorite hangout and lounging on the couch with your mate in his or her student house. All this is not possible or allowed to a very limited extent. Your social life looks very different. 'What social life'? some might even think. It is therefore not surprising that there are serious signs that alcohol and drug use has increased among young people and students.

A recent survey shows that one in five students drink more and one in ten students started using more drugs during corona. Before corona, people often drank recreationally and used drugs, now it is to suppress gloom and depressive feelings.

Then go home

The temptation is great to drink a glass of wine or a beer when you have worked hard at home. Your online lessons are over, your learning is ready. Time for a break. Going to someone is not allowed. So what do you do to have a little fun? You treat yourself to alcohol, 'because that's still allowed'. I'd rather not now, of course, because you're taking a break. But once the break is over and the restrictions are still in place, how do you make sure you don't reach for the drink if you are tired of the online classes or because you feel bad because of the empty social agenda? We come with tips.

  • Distraction is key. Put on your running shoes, put on your Airpods and start walking. Or take your neighbor's dog for a long walk. Walk around the block with a roommate/study buddy/boyfriend/girlfriend. Know that a desire is really gone after half an hour.
  • Make something different for yourself. There are plenty of alternatives available with a bite. Something with ginger, for example, provides a kick. Or how about tomato juice with lime and a drop of hot sauce?
  • Choose the non-alcoholic version of your favorite drink. We don't applaud it, but if it works for you, it works. read here more about the pros and cons of non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine.
  • Determine for yourself what you really need. Do you drink alcohol out of boredom? Go do something else, get moving. Do you want a glass of beer or wine because you feel bad? Call a good friend. Talking helps! Do you fancy something alcoholic because you deserve it? Choose a different reward. Watch your favorite movie, treat yourself to a new scent, treat yourself to your favorite dish. Whatever makes you happy!


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